Earn $3000+ monthly by online modelling!

Get paid on a bi-weekly basis for webcam modelling and entertaining.

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We teach you then we hire you!

We guarantee you a home-based job if you do our 2 hours video course successfully. The job interview is on skype! Our team will help you to work from home and earn more than $3000 monthly by online modelling. We teach you how to be a pro. Medium level of English is required because communication is key in this profession. You will chat with foreigners and get a salary every 2 weeks!

You will earn

a minimum of


What is online modelling?

Earn thousands of dollars

During this course we teach you how to start and master online modelling. We show you this world where you can earn money by video chatting and flirting with foreigners. We guide you through this industry, manage your career and get the best out of you!


You are your own boss

Set your working hours, work whenever you have time, part time or full time.


100% online and discrete

You can work from the comfort of your home and you will only talk with foreigners.


Personal development

Several of your soft skills will develop during this profession! Models go through a positive personal development!

What we offer?


Professional training

Learn the tricks and methods of the industry experts during a well structured online course. You can establish a firm understanding of the business in no time! Be an artist, be a real performer!



Our coaches and mentors will help you on the way. From the first day, you will have a dedicated mentor, free of charge, who will guarantee your success and help with everything via skype.


High wage

Being a successful model means you are totally monetary independent, and can buy anything you desire! We make sure you will reach this level very soon! It is your duty to spend the money! :)

The world of online modelling

Explore this charming world where you can be whoever you want, and earn without limits!

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Ticket to the course

You can learn anything from personal development to acting and communication skills. Check out the wide variety of courses what we offer! Our goal is to cover all aspects of this industry, and present it to you in a learnable way!


Goals and motivation

Money/Freedom/Successe. What is online modelling/ What you can achieve/ What we guarantee in this course/ What is this business.



"Stop wasting your time/Focusing on daily work/How to get the most out of your time/Get work done day by day/ 5 guiding lessons to become more productive"



How to build self-confidence/Be your own boss/ Reaching a healthy level of confidence/Balance your life/Step by step guidance to become the ‘best version of you’

Why Us?

  • We offer you a complete solution in one place
  • From beginner to pro training
  • Training continues during the job, to make you earn even more
  • We have 14 years of experience in the industry
  • For us, it is always about you!

The Team

We are a motivated team of experts, who’s goal is to offer you the highest quality service in the industry. Let’s see our departments:



Your mentor is always available for you by phone and skype. She or He will answer all of your questions, and help you to improve yourself and the level of your income.



Our technical support team is here for you to fine tune your pc, suggest equipment to improve your performance, and do troubleshooting. Write us anytime!


Industry experts

We work together with a group of industry experts, ex and present professional models. They will regularly do webinars and share advanced informations with you.



Our finance team makes sure you always get your money on time, with your prefered payout method. If you have any questions or problems with the payment, they are always ready to help you.


The background team

A group of people in the background is constantly working on to keep your career, by doing all the administrative work for you. During the course you will learn how much time does it saves you!



Time to time we will book consulting sessions between you and one of our coaches. A coach can help you deeply understand your personal development, your strengths and the areas you should develop.


Content creators

This profession is also about personal branding. Models should post content frequently on specific sites. For example blog posts, stories, pictures, ect… Our content creators will make the heavy part of this for you.


The film crew

In order to produce high quality videos, we have a dedicated film crew. They make sure that you can learn from high standard videos.


Register email and phone number

On this website, you can give us your email and phone number. We send you further details in mail, or one of our mentors will call you on phone.


Skype consulting

We book a skype call with you, to understand your goals and help you to get started with our education and working system


The learning

After that, you learn from your online educational videos and quizzes, so you will have a wide perspective of the industry.


Start working

Now you are ready for your first working day. At the beginning, your mentor will help you every day


First payment

Some days after the working, 2 times a month, you receive your payment! Now it’s time to get better and better, and earn more every week! :)

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